Ski Trips at Lake Lure Adventure Company

Go out on an all-inclusive trip on Lake Lure with our USA Waterski Certified staff and learn to wakeboard or get a jump-start on new tricks. We have up-to-date equipment for you to try. The boat is a 2011 Mastercraft X-2 which provides the best experience for wakeboarding, especially on the waters of Lake Lure, NC.


Our knowledgeable and USA Waterski certified staff will take you and your family on a ski trip to remember. We are trained to get those first time skiers up as well as give instruction to the more experienced skiers. We offer water skiing, slalom, and barefoot on our2009 Mastercraft Pro-Star 197. You can also just have fun tubing and kneeboarding.

When looking for fun things to do in Lake Lure, NC imagine yourself cranking up some tunes and relaxing or surfing the wake on the X2 is like surfing perfect little tubes on the the East coast, only you don’t have to wait for the wave! We have great new boards! Get together with friends and family for an adventure vacation, and share a couple of hours in the heat of Summer. You’ll never get enough on Lake Lure! It is the eternal wave, that is, ’til we run out of gas. Experienced wakeboarders only please.


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